Whether you are a public organization or a private business, large or small, we can provide the management services you need to achieve your strategic objectives.

Program & Project Management

Program management is our passion. We oversee the entire program process – from pre-design through project delivery and closeout. Our services make projects more efficient by controlling costs, schedules, and work scope without compromising quality. Our capabilities combine our expertise and experience in planning, engineering, and management and include:

Project Management

“Multifaceted programs present complex challenges that demand successful team integration. It is crucial to build the right team to manage your project for success. Our consultants possess proven expertise and the ability to handle the most intricate projects. We proactively identify and resolve conflicts using established procedures and processes, consistently delivering excellent results. We focus on the big picture, setting priorities, and coordinating activities and participants to ensure your projects’ safe, timely, and budget-conscious delivery.
Enhancedpm professionals formally study many aspects of program and project management, and we’ve contributed significantly to its advancement. Our ranks include authors, licensed professional engineers, Project Management Professionals, and many with advanced academic credentials. Our expertise is in representing owners through all phases of planning, design, execution, and closing.

Owner’s Representative

As your representative, our approach includes minimizing design and project costs, delivery time, and facility life cycle costs while maximizing project flexibility and value through strong communication and process development. Our talented staff can augment your existing staff or team to work on your behalf when no staff is available. We collaborate with you to tackle the day-to-day responsibilities while minding the bigger picture.

Cost & Schedule Management

Enhancedpm is unparalleled in providing cost, planning, and scheduling management services on projects in multiple industries. We provide owners with constant feedback and information to ensure successful project execution. We develop and maintain custom reports that graphically depict project cost and schedule status on time to accomplish this. This leads to enhanced cost and schedule management and increases the likelihood of achieving (or beating) your cost and schedule goals. Effective program management requires developing and maintaining detailed program schedules for all phases. Schedule management starts well before implementation begins, ideally in the planning phase, where each task associated with design and commissioning is scheduled to avoid project delays. Our schedule management services include developing master, objective, design phase, execution, and commissioning/close-out schedules; reviewing contractor schedules; setting time and liquidated damages; and providing value scheduling. Using a critical path method (CPM), we prepare and update master schedules that portray summary-level activities for each phase of large, complex projects.
Our cost management processes actively control costs at all project stages, giving project participants a clear financial picture at any time and allowing team members to make timely, informed decisions. In addition, integrating cost and schedule data from each project identifies potential interferences with, impacts to, or competition for limited resources, often before program/project milestones are impacted.

Project Delivery Consulting

Choosing the correct project delivery method is important to ensure successful results. While each method has advantages and disadvantages, depending on schedule budget restraints and project complexity, Enhancedpm ensures that each method is carefully considered when developing an overall implementation strategy.

Model Contract Documents

Enhancedpm has developed various proprietary or customized form contracts, including contracts for design professional services and program management-at-risk.

Project Reviews & Audits

Enhancedpm performs the following audits:

  • Contract documents quality and completeness
  • Design change orders and claims reasonableness
  • Project cost and analysis
  • Cost and schedule impact resolution
  • Change order and claims procedural compliance
  • Public procurement policies compliance
  • Design organizational performance

    Available Resources

    • PMO Consultants
    • Program Managers
    • Project Managers
    • IT Project Managers
    • Business Analysts
    • Mentors and Coaches
    • Trainers